Galapagos Hub (Greater Galapagos + Mulle Discovery)

The Galapagos Field is the westernmost part of a major faulted block, bounded by the Cormorant fault to the West and the Hutton fault to the East. The block contained the old partially produced NW Hutton field (renamed and part of the Galapagos field) in the North West and the Hutton field (renamed to Beagle) in the East. The very-large non-communicating compartments that make up the Galapagos field continue in an easterly direction from the Galapagos field with the Scalesia and Darwin 13z prospects and the partially produced Qwest and Hutton (Beagle) fields to the East. Standard modern oil industry technologies means that the Greater Galapagos area is expected to yield very significant volumes of Brent crude oil. 

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