Galapagos Field

Bridge has submitted a Field Development Plan (FDP) to the OGA for the development of the Galapagos field in the Northern North Sea. Galapagos is at the heart of the Brent system of fields and is made up of a series of very large  compartments which means that a staged development can be completed allowing for rapid return on the initial investment. Oil will be evacuated to Sullom Voe via a nearby host.

Bridge hold 100% WI and are Operator:

  • Held under licenses P184 and P474, NW Hutton was discovered in 1975 and originally developed by Amoco.

  • World class Brent reservoir with Darcy sands and >500ft oil column. Oil reservoir in Mid Jurassic Brent sandstones, trapped in tilted fault bound terraces.

  • Previous production started in 1983, peaked at 86,500 bopd from 4 initial wells. 

  • Concept select and Pre-FEED for for the initial phase have been completed for wells, SPS,  SURF and host topsides mods.

Galapagos pic 1.bmp

"The best places to find oil are in spots where it's already been found."