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Bridge Petroleum Limited (Bridge) was set up in 2014 and incorporated in February 2015 in order to acquire production and development-ready assets in the North Sea and wider United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS). Since then Bridge has acquired oil & gas production in the Central North Sea, on-going development projects in the Northern North Sea, Southern North Sea and East Irish Sea and has an extensive portfolio of exploration activities.

Bridge's expertise lies in developing oil & gas fields where previous operators have not been able to realise the potential of the field and the field has been prematurely abandoned or not brought into full production. Other opportunities for Bridge arise where assets have been left stranded and not developed and our expertise allows us to find creative solutions for their development.

Please Note: We have taken due care to ensure that the information presented is accurate and complete  However, the company makes no representations about the completeness or accuracy of the information presented and accepts no liability for decisions or actions any party might make based on the information provided. Please contact the company with any queries that you may have.​

The Bridge Petroleum group of companies is comprised of Bridge Petroleum Limited (company number: 09447850), Bridge Petroleum 1 Limited (company number: 10045796), Bridge Petroleum 2 Limited (company number: 10045738), Bridge Petroleum 3 Limited (company number: 10650893), Bridge Petroleum 4 Limited (company number: 10651041), Bridge Petroleum 5 Limited (company number: 10651049) and Bridge Petroleum 6 Limited (company number 10651062). Each company is registered in England and its registered office is at Hill House, 1 Little New Street, London EC4A 3TR, UK.

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